Friday, May 24, 2013

Best Friends in Town

Our best friends came to visit us from Portland with their three kids for a week. Every second was enjoyable and memorable. We wish they were still our neighbors. 


First time to visit the Deanna Rose Farmstead. What an awesome place to have down the street. Amazing volunteers too.

Ringing the cow bells.

Petting the cows and feeding the goats. Just like the Swiss land.

The big kids.

Exploring the tipi.

Feeding the goats.

These videos crack me up.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Ice cream!

Fun in the garden.

Who's under the blanket?

My lunch date.

Our little shoppers.

They were so curious about each other.

The silly ones.

Off to the zoo. As if we didn't have enough monkeys at our house.  What a fun day. Huge zoo. Looking forward to going back.

Love this girl!

A little put-put.


Tub time.

We miss you Washburn's, come back soon!