Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lily's First Birthday and Party

Happy Birthday to my sweet Lily Bones! You are a precious gift to our family. 

Two days of balloons, presents, cake and family.  She loved the cakes and all the attention.

Outdoor fun with Logan.

Party day. 

 Round two of cake.

 Playing with Aunt Hayley and Aunt Susan.

Living up her birthday song. 

YouTube Video

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Grand Lake

We went to Grand Lake last month for a weekend of fun with cousins and grandparents. Before we headed out the door Dad found a turtle. We packed Gill up and took him to the lake.
Grandma Queenie and Lukas taking a spin in the golf cart.

Lily and Jackson

One happy Dad.

Reading with Grandma.
Playing some tunes with his dad.
Ran by Granny's old cabin. Still looks just the same. If only Granny was inside.
Good bye Gill.

Boat riding.

Hanging with Papa.

Logan and Walker were exhausted.
First ice cream.
So peaceful on the deck.
Mimi came to play on the last day.

Random Lukas pictures of the ride home I found on photo stream.