Friday, May 30, 2014


First day of summer for Lukas. We went to the zoo with friends.

Lily loved the lion.

This video of her talking to the bird is too cute.

YouTube Video

- C

Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekend Fun with Dad

We love long weekends with Dad. Erik took of Friday. We just did things around Kansas City, but we sure do enjoy quality family time.

First stop was the zoo. we had not yet seen the penguin exhibit, it was awesome.

Hot tubbing.

I had my first half marathon of the year, Rock the Parkway. Finished 8th in 1:33. Afterwards we met at the farmers market. Stocked up on veggies while the kids enjoyed dancing and the balloon artist.

Swinging and reading books in our fort.

Scooter and bike ride.

Went to Crown Center to check out the Wizard of Oz exhibit.  Follow the yellow brick road.

Picture with the Easter bunny. Lily's face is priceless.

Then to Science City and the crayola cafe. Lukas and Logan are playing the piano.
Lily couldn't get enough of the light up steps.

Spinning the hamster wheel.

Lily enjoyed the hamsters and bunnies.

Digging dinosaur bones.

What a fun weekend.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

March and April

Here is a random mix of March and April happenings. 
Took Lily and Logan to get their Ashes on Ash Wednesday.
Here is one of Lily's favorite dogs, Rex. She loves going to see him across the street almost daily. She does have a little obsession with puppies.
Lukas had crazy hat day.
Lukas and his buddy, they were so proud of their fort.
Park day.

Lukas lost two teeth!
A night at the bowling alley.

Followed by a movie and slumber party.
Lily and Logan at school.

Lily at her play group, she just loves it.

Lukas and the neighborhood boys think they are so cool sporting no shirts on their short scooters.
Lukas wrote out his prayer for dinner. Translation "Thank you God for this beautiful family amen. Thank you God for all of the vegetables amen."
Just playing outside.

Hungry hippos with the neighbor.  One of my favorites when I was little.
There she is.
Love this smile.

Snuck in bed with Daddy.
Reading to Logan.
Painting and planting seeds.

Makes me chuckle when I find Logan's selfies in my photo stream.
Silly sunglasses.

Squished noses.

Logan strung his fruit necklace at the library.
Lukas bought a hermit crab with his allowance. So far we have kept them alive for two months. Tiger and Leo (not pictured). we had to go back and get Tiger a friend as I read they live a happier life in packs.

Every time we go to Trader Joe's Lily gets a few stickers. I am not sure why but she loves to stick them all over her face.
Being monkeys at Monkey Bizness.

Wearing my jacket, thinking about all the runners in Boston.
Lukas kicking it in for a goal.
Duck cupcakes.
Ready for girls night in the hot tub.
Cheering on Lukas.

Ready for the Easter bunny.
Playing hockey downstairs, an after dinner favorite.

Riding the bobby car. She loves racing down the driveway.

The farmstead opened!

Logan and his best bud.

Lily still loves her hat and mittens.
Crazy day at school.
Playing in mommy's bathroom with headbands, purse and her kitty.
Came downstairs one morning to find a jam session. Lily is in the back dancing and shaking her maraca.
Water balloons.

Lily loves her puppy.
Flying kites with Dad.
Ice cream treat after their school musical.
Look at these curls.

More balloons.
Date night with mommy. Bubbles, dora jammies and painted nails.