Friday, September 20, 2013

Birthday Boy

I know he is mine, but he is one of those kids you could just be around all day. His smile and humor brighten our days. I love that he is three and so does he. Happy Birthday to Mr. Logan, you are awesome!
Started the day off early at the fire station. He loves firetrucks, firemen... We brought them donuts, they raised the ladders, gave us a tour and let Logan wear a hat.

Next stop, Lukas soccer game. This sweet lady at the fields noticed his birthday short and gave him a popsicle.

Then off to Lukas football game to play catch with Dad.

This kid loves his puzzles, just like his big bro.

And of course, last stop Chuck e Cheese.

A little monkey cake for the birthday boy.

The next day we had his party at his gymnastics, My Gym.  All the kiddos had a lot of fun and burnt off a lot of energy. Lily loved dancing to the music.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Garden Veg

A few pics of some of our summer harvest. Our veggies did not grow quite as well as they have in Europe and Oregon, though we all enjoyed the planting, picking and eating. Maybe next year we can scare off a few more bunnies.

Lukas and his potatoes. The potato to the right was the size of two fists!

Lily eating the strawberries.

 I finally got dahlia bulbs to grow. They have produced countless flowers. They remind me of how big and beautiful the ones were I picked in Switzerland. We also have a huge baby pumpkin plant.

Our basil and jalepenos have been growing crazy. We made pesto and jalepeno jelly. 

Lily's Baptism

Lily received her first sacrament on her birthday weekend. She is baptized! So happy all three of my kiddos are continuing on with my Catholic roots. We joined a beautiful church her in Kansas, St. Michel the Archangel. Lily is blessed to have my cousins, Hayley and Susan, as Godparents. 
Lukas walking to church with the "to be" Godmommies. 
Family pic.
Standing around the baptismal fountain.

Susan lighting the candle, Hayley placing her garment.

Lily and GG.
Lily with her Godmommies.

So happy for everyone who made it, especially Aunt Patti, my Godmother.