Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Break in San Antonio

Drove to San Antonio with the kids for spring break this year. We dropped Riley off in Tulsa, so we were able to break up the ride. We packed it all in and had a lot of fun. 

First stop Aunt Patti's house.  We had a St. Paddy's Day party. The kids loved it. 

Petting Princess.

The Leprechaun came.


We love Papa.

First night in San Antonio and St. Paddy's Day.

The wax lion.

Exploring the Alamo.

Mirror and laser maze.

Waiting for our boat. 

One of our many mexican meals. Yum, yum! The ducks loved the chips.

Playing games with PPa and Grandma Lori. 

Sea World. We picked the perfect day. No crowds, second row parking and a few clouds in the sky!

Lily loved the pet show. I was amazed how they trained all the dogs, birds, cats, pigs, mice... not to eat each other. They must have had a lot of treats.

Love the dolphins, they always seem to be smiling. We did get close, but were not able to touch them.


Not quite the shows I remember when I was younger, but the kids loved it. 

San Antonio had a great little kid area at Sea World.

Showing off their orca whales.


Dad and Bones.

Lily loved all the shows, especially when we all got to clap.


Lukas and I went out for a walk on the river.  Love  hanging out with this adventurous boy.

Fun train ride around the zoo, gardens and more.

Snuggles with Dad.

Mariachi and mexican food, yipeee!

Everyone did great in the car. 

Donuts with Mimi on our way out of Tulsa. What a fun trip!