Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snowy Days

We have had two snow storms so far this year, and way too many days of below freezing temps. Lukas could play in the snow all day long, if only it was a bit warmer outside. Logan also enjoys the snow, but freezes in an instant. Lily, she gets all excited, then realizes its not that cool when it's up to your chest.  Even though, we have enjoyed our days spent in the snow.

Brr! First snow, I think it was -10 outside (-35) windchill.

So we went inside and played with our of the best toys ever.

They sun finally came out a few days later and turned the snow into snowman material. This snowman cracked me up outside our window for days.

Giving Frosty a kiss.
 Love these happy kiddos.

The next snow storm came with a bang. Twelve inches or so and no school for three days!

Play dough, reading books, building train tracks, out to lunch and making 60 valentines were amongst the many indoor activities.

Working on the snow cave.

We loved sledding in the powder. I even got my skis out for a couple runs down the street and the yard.

I enjoyed every moment with all three for three days, but the house was trashed, I needed a shower and to go to the grocery. :) I was so happy when school wasn't cancelled Friday. So here's to warmer days, at least out of the single digits.

Date Night With Lukas

Lukas' elementary put on a date night with sons. It was so enjoyable spending time with just Lukas.

We started the night meeting friends for dinner. What a wild night for this mexican restaurant.

Love this boy. He is growing to fast.

Scooters and skis.

This race was hilarious.
Climbing wall.

Mom/Son dodgeball.
Won a little prize.

- C


Erik took the boys to see the Globetrotters a couple weeks ago. They all had a great time.