Sunday, July 28, 2013

End of Season

Lukas had an awesome tball season. He started with no knowledge of baseball, to now being eager for next season. He got to meet a lot of the new boys in our neighborhood he will be attending kindergarten with this Fall. It was fun watching their team learn a new sport, lots of giggles. Here is his last game and celebration. He had three catches in his last game!
Last hit.

YouTube Video

Cheering on their big brother.

Pizza and trophies.

- C

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Busy Week

First week back from vacation and I am ready for another vacation :) The energy was alive at our house this week.
The boys love when Lily joins in on tubby time.

Making his bed for allowance.

Our new trees.

Darth Vader. Kind of creepy.

Cute buns.

Donated piles of clothes to veterans.

Movie theater.

Lily clapping.

YouTube Video

Took the kids to John Mayer. Awesome concert, enjoyed it all.

Logan enjoyed playing air drums, horn, piano and guitar throughout the night.

YouTube Video

Wagon ride.

Snow cone man stopped by.

Potato harvest.

S'mores with our neighbors.

Pool time.

Lily and her animals.

- C

Location:Overland Park, KS

Monday, July 8, 2013

May Memories

Slip and slide. 
Dad took the kids to Chucke Cheese. I have not yet been, but I feel my day is soon to come.

Date night with my handsome honey.
Skyping with Mimi.

Taking Riley for a stroll.
Putting together his soccer net.

Took this picture on the way to my half marathon, "Running With the Cows." It was in the middle of nowhere Kansas. Great race, held strong in first place for the women until mile ten or so and my quad gave out. Ended up fourth. Looking forward to the next race.

Riley turned 8! Birthday ham bone.
Logans preschool class.
First time to run the sprinklers. We have never had one, therefore Lukas had never experienced the joy of running through them.
Woke up one morning to the boys counting their coins.
These pics bring back many memories of playing under the table when I was little.

Lukas celebrated his birthday at the Montessori with posters of pictures from each year.
Bull frog out in front of our house.
Deer spotted on my run.
Not sure if I have posted one of these pics yet. Petey and Riley sleep in the same bed every day. I think it is too cute.
Dad came to visit.
Lily's first dip in the hot tub.
The boys are so sweet with Lily.
Our neighborhood pool opened.

Reading her book at the library.
Lukas is such a little artist.
Logan's creation.
Happy girl.
Another day at the zoo.
First ride on a carousel.
Lily loves animals.
Playing with the parachute at the gym.