Tuesday, January 22, 2013


And this is why I blog- so every special moment my littles have with family members can be looked back on when they are older. We have been so blessed to have such a supportive and loving family. The time we spend with them is priceless.
Meeting Papa.

Kisses from Riley.

Mimi could never have too many hugs.

First play date with Jackson.

Grandma Vicki and Lily.

Lily listening to Uncle Richard's wisdom.

Mimi and her great grand babies.

The behind the scenes action to snap the above pic.

With her cousin Jackson.

Smiling at GG.

GG came for a surprise visit in KC on her way home to CO.

Coloring with Grandma Lori.

Dinner at Osaka with Dad. Matching shirts?

Margo and Lily.

Relaxing with Ppas.

The boys with their little sis.

- C

Sunny Days of January

It sure is more sunny on this side of the world. Even though the people around us have been praying for rain, we have very much enjoyed the lack of precipitation. It's easy not to have to worry about the snow and rain clothes while taking in the fresh air.
Lily's first time in a swing.

YouTube Video

So warm we had shorts and tshirts on!

Mimi and Lily.

Lukas' first day at his new school.

Watching her big brothers play.

Out collecting things with Riley for our collage.

- C

Friday, January 18, 2013


Today is an exciting day for our family. We close on our house!

We don't get to move in until the 23rd but we are ecstatic. Building our new life in Kansas one day at a time. :)

- C

Location:Overland Park, Kansas

Monster Trucks

Drove back to Tulsa to attend monster trucks. Good times with an interesting crowd.
Logan was stoked to see the event. Until the trucks turned on, it was so loud.

Lukas enjoyed the whole thing.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Goofy monster truck hats.

Dad and the Boys.

- C

Location:Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Random November

Teaching Lily how to draw rockets.

Learned how to play with toys.


Love these two.

All about the glasses...

and dessert.

Sticker fun.

Trying out his old bathtub for little sis.

- C