Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Fasnacht is a big carnival in Switzerland. It goes on before Lent, usually from February to March. Similar to Mardi Gras. Costumes, confetti, Gugga music, parades, it is just one big party that seems to never stop.
We put on a Fasching party for Lukas' preschool class. They all got to dress up in costumes, made masks and ate a doughnut like cracker. At the end of the day they played music and the kids got to parade on stage in their costumes. What a lively event. 
Logan got to join in on the fun in Preschool.
Making their masks.
Bat masks.
Superhero school buddies.
One part of this festive season we enjoy is all the local parades. Most cities put on a parade of floats and Gugga music (high energy bands).  It is so much fun. They dress like crazy monsters, play music and pass out candy, confetti, alcohol and sausages. What a sight to see. The music is very enjoyable and most of the costumes are hilarious. The following pictures are from one of the local parades we went to.

These two girls got kidnapped from the spectators, pushed through a shoot together, to be wrapped like a Christmas tree.

The boys loved dancing to the music and grabbing candy, but it was so cold.


Hippity Hoppity

The Easter bunny came early at our house again this year. We leave for the US tomorrow. Maybe he will make a visit there too.
Dyeing the eggs.

Showing each other there Easter suprises.

They both were so good at sharing the eggs with each other.

They both loved running through the yard finding the eggs. Lukas was not too thrilled about putting the boiled eggs in his basket, as they did not have any goodies in them.

Yummy jello eggs.

Wish I could have taken a picture of their faces eating the egg salad sandwiches for lunch - completely disgusted. Maybe next year. Happy Easter everyone!
- C