Friday, February 22, 2013

A Foot of Powder

Lukas' teacher told him to wear his jammos inside out and put a spoon under his pillow and the snow would fall. I had never heard of that before, but it worked!

We had about a foot of snow in 5 hours.

Logan and Riley thought it was delicious.

Warm bubble.

We were stuck at the house all day. Art and craft with chocolate Cheerios.

Sledding down the driveway.

YouTube Video

Day 3- Sledding in the backyard.

Day 4- still sliding down the pile.

Warming up by the fire.

Lukas had tons of playtime with the neighbor kids. It was too much fun. I on the other hand had to tackle my 15 mile run inside on the treadmill. Now we are preparing for another ten inches tonight. Hope we have school tomorrow and the sidewalks get cleared.

Location:Overland Park, Kansas

Friday, February 15, 2013

My Valentines

Playing in the ocean of balloons.

Happy girl.

My T-Rex lunch date.

Reading her valentine card from Mimi.

And of course, my most favorite Valentine and his Peanut.

Had a wonderful day filled with lots of love from my littles and my honey.
- C

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Date with Dad

Lukas had a special Valentine party with Dad at school Thursday. Dinner, games, art and craft and cupcakes. Lukas was so excited, they had been setting up all week.
So handsome.

Fishing for candy.

Logan and I went out for a yogurt treat.

- C

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Children's Museum

Last month the kiddos and I bundled up on a cold windy day and headed to the local children's museum. While it was lacking in Swiss organization and cleanliness, the kids had loads of fun.
Battle with the wrapping paper rolls.

Loading the hay bails.

Picking carrots

and planting potatoes.

Silly munchkins in the mirror.

Water coloring.

The water table.

The golf ball room. This was their most favorite part. Tons of golf balls to roll down many different ramps.

Putting together the ball traps.

Not much to this video but a capture of her sweetness.

YouTube Video

Excited to be in a new city and to explore everything it has.
- C