Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Packing Up and Shipping Out

Sweet Lily doing inventory in Lukas' room.

Petey's new dig for the plane ride.

Part of the leftovers after our container was loaded and gone.

Patiently waiting to check in at the airport before the long journey home.

Dad and the kids, what a smooth flight.

- C

Sunshine in November

The first part of November was beautiful, sunny and warm.
Here are the boys at the local carnival.

Then off to the park.

My mini Ferris Beuler playing hooky from school. Still managed to soak up some rays.

Cutting down the grass.

My last 10 mile run in the Valley. Going to miss this scenery.

A little hike up the mountain.

- C


Halloween Fun and Party

Lily's spooky outfits.
Halloween puzzle.
Picking pumpkins.

Mummy pumpkins.
School pumpkin parade. Lukas was so proud to have his Daddy their to watch.

Silly Dad.
Halloween treats from Mimi.
Spider and jello treats.
Carving pumpkins.

Out trick or treating Swiss style.