Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sooner Football

We have OU Sunday at our house. Due to the time change, we are usually sleeping during the games. So we record it and watch it the next day. No peeking at news in the morning just incase someone leaks the score. Here is our Sooner Sunday!

Wonder if Lukas will be a Ducks fan :) Sorry Logan, no Swiss football team for you :)

Swallowed by the pillows.

Two seconds late from getting the "OU" pic.

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Location:Frumsen, Switzerland

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lemonade Stand

Lukas had his first lemonade stand today. We set up a table by the street, made crystal light lemonade and strawberry and made a german sign. There was a wine festival in our neighborhood so we had a bit of traffic. Most people didn't understand the concept, others commented the drinks were too sweet. Lukas made 6 francs in an hour, then we were off to the festival. It was a fun experience for us all. We got to practice our Swiss German as well :) We made sure to save Lukas' first Swiss Franc for his book.

Our first customers.

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Location:Frumsen, Switzerland

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Janet came to visit a couple of weeks ago so Erik and I got to go for a two day trip without the little ones. What a treat this was, as we have not had a night away since New Years Eve 2009! We thoroughly enjoyed every second together.
We hopped on our bikes Sunday morning and we were off to the train station.

This is us on thee train. What a beautiful ride.
When we got there it was raining so we checked out the town and stopped a few places for food and drinks.

Then we found the local ropes course. Open rain or shine. This was a blast. A few minutes of instructions and we were off on a wire. It by far, beat any ropes course I did growing up.

YouTube Video

Next we decided to check in and enjoy the spa.

Then we were off to sushi and cocktails on the town. Cute napkin at dinner.

One of the bars we went to had a cave you could sit in.

On our way back to the hotel we spotted a whole window full of chocolate and brittle.

We woke up to a beautiful view of the Matterhorn. This wasn't the best pic, but the only shot when I had my phone handy.

Ate some breakfast and then we were off for a hike. We hiked up a couple hours.

Then we got on the Gormergratbahn to go up to the top of Gornergrat (10,000 feet or so). It was very cold. But beautiful.

On our way home. The trip was too short. But we missed our boys and were excited to see them.
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Location:Zermatt, Switzerland

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Indoor Play Place

There is an awesome indoor play place about 20 minutes north of our house along the Bodensee. It is the perfect place for rainy days. This was Dad's first trip with us. We had a blast.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Stopped in Arbon on the way home.

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Location:Rorschach, Switzerland

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Big fan of his brother's golf clubs.

The eagle.

Riding the train.

Enjoying a pretzel.

Lukas chose ice cream.

Fun in the backyard with our friend Jack.


Chasing bubbles

and playing soccer with Jack.

Riling down the hill. Can't wait to do it in the snow.

Up at the wasa beizli (snack hut) behind our house.
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