Monday, October 29, 2012

December 6th

It is a little hectic around our house. We are trying to get all our ducks in line for a big move. We are packing up and heading back to the USA! The new spot is Kansas City.  Super excited for our new adventure and to be closer to family. Sad to leave this beautiful valley and all the wonderful people in it.
One month to do a lot of stuff, this is going fast!
- C

Location:December 6th


The last weekend in September, our village has a wine festival. There are four vineyards in the area.  Each vineyard has wine, food, music and a little local stuff. You walk the trubliweg (the vineyard trail) which connects them all. Every year it has been a fun event. This year many of our friends came.

A local gig, check out those accordions.

This picture is hilarious.

Walking home.
Pit stop at the Williams'.
Lily and Dad.

Friday, October 26, 2012

October 7th

Six years ago I married my best friend at the same place we met four years prior. I am grateful for every morning I wake up next to you, our three wonderful babies, and the respect, love and encouragement we have for each other every day. Cheers to seeing many more wrinkles on our faces. I love you forever!

- C

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Erik's Birthday

All Erik wanted was a relaxing day for his birthday. He got it, plus an Oklahoma win, early morning workout and no dishes.
Artwork from the kids.
Breakfast sandwiches.
All dressed up for Dad.
Football watching with his princess.
Finished with rack of lamb and pecan pie.
Happy Birthday- we all love you so very much!
And another reason to remember this day- Felix's jump from 23 miles, breaking the sound barrier.

- C

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Took my Aunt Patti and cousin Hayley up to Malbun for lunch one afternoon. We decided to ride up on the Sareis bahn and eat at the mountain resturaunt. It was a little chilly the whole way up. The sun came out for a few minutes so we decided to hike down. It was a nice walk, we barely missed the rain.

Lily slept on the couch while we ate lunch.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Random September

The boys out shopping at the grocery. Watch out!
Holding her bottle.
Can't get enough of the water ballons.
Huge harvest of chard and there is still twice as much in the garden! I know understand why they call it Swiss chard :)
Reading the Potty book on the potty.

Little Lily is growing fast.

Pumpkin patch in Liechtenstein.

Logan loves the flute.
Laced up my new running shoes, looking forward to my next race.  Boston 2013 here I come. 
The valley on my early morning runs.

3D Madagascar.
Afternoon at the skate park, by the end of the day Lukas and Logan were quite good on the ramps with their scooters.

Morning breakfast for the cows.
Being silly. "Mommy, nook."
Hangin with Dad.
Lukas taking pictures of his little sister.
Pumpkin painting.
It is so sweet how much they enjoy playing together. 
The Boys playing Mario Cart.