Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Logan Sampson Nelson

Our little boy has arrived! Logan was born at 8:04 am on September 7th. He weighed 7 lbs 11 oz and was 20 inches in length. He looks very similar to his big brother Lukas. We are all over-joyed and doing well. Here are a few pics of our first day as a family of four.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dad's Vacation Week

How lucky am I? 35 weeks pregnant and had my husband home all week! While not only was he a huge help, we had loads of fun.

We did a little training this week which included the bike, golf and potty. Dad is an expert at the bike, so Lukas caught on quick. His golf swing needs a little more practice to be up to par with Grandpa, but we think he might just be a lefty. As for the potty, we are still working on that. We are good with the pee pee, but the other is taking a bit longer.

Sunday was Swiss National Day. We had a picnic and fireworks, just like it was the 4th of July. We saw an amazing display of fireworks in the valley below our house. Everyone does their own fireworks.

We drove up to Oberegg and went on hike. It was an amazing view from the top, the picture does not justify. You could see out over the Bodensee and into Austria and Germany. We saw sheep, cows, horse and rabbits. We also came across some raspberries we couldn't pass up. Lukas rode on Erik's back most of the way up, but walked the whole way down. He might enjoy hiking just as much as Mom.

We took a short drive to Appenzell. It was so close, I couldn't believe we had not been there yet. What a cute little Swiss town, definitely a tourist stop. We came across an ice cream machine that was fascinating. You put in two francs and it makes the cone all by itself. Who needs an ice cream man? The most important part of our journey to Appenzell was to find Erik his beer. He is a big fan of the Appenzell Quollfrisch Naturtrub. We couldn't pass up the cheese and New Zealand rack of lamb either.

We drove down to Lucerne. It was such a beautiful day. We walked around town and went to the markets. Then we stopped to feed the Swans some pretzels.

We went to the beach on Lake Lucerne. The water as chilly, but the sun was nice and warm. WE built a sand castle and took a family pic.

A little fun at the pool.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

"That's a McQueen Party, Kachow!"

It would only be fitting for Lukas to have a Cars birthday party. I know that most boys have an obsession with cars, but Lukas is a little over the top. So, after weeks of preparation and searching for Cars party stuff in five different countries; the big day arrived. We had Cars everything McQueen bubbles, blowers, party hats, streamers, balls.... Most important was all of our friends. We all had lots of fun. Here are some pics of the big day.

Playing with the boys (Lukas, Samuel and Hayes)

The twins from the gym (Carmen and Anna)

McQueen blowers

My tire cupcake cake.....Yummy!!!

The Hartmans

Naomi loved Petey

Jan and Luka

Such a beautiful day for a birthday party

Cars stickers for my wall

Barbara and Jan with Kathy and Jack

My new bike

Filmore and Rescue Helicopter

I can't believe two years have gone by so fast. My little boy is growing up. It has been the most enjoyable two years and I couldn't imagine it any different.

And one more to grow on.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Day at The Park.

Fun park in Mauren, Liechtenstein. 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Munchen, Germany

I am a little behind in my posts, the sun is out and we have been enjoying every bit of it. So, we went to Germany at the end of March. What fun! Beer, beer and more beer. I have never seen so many biergartens in my life. Though I didn't get to enjoy all the beer Erik did, I did get a little taste of home with Thai salad rolls, Subway and a massage :)
Hofbrauhaus - the royal brewery in the Kingdom of Bavaria.

German favorite - pretzel and bier

"tede totter"

Soccer at the Englishergarten.

Biergarten at Chinesischer Turm.


Giant Lobster

Glockenspiel clock tower

Schloss Nymphenburg Palace

Olympiastadion was the main venue for the 1972 Summer Olympics.

"Work Makes You Free"
Entrance to the Dachau concentration camp, which held 200,000 prisoners from 1933-1945.