Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wild Flowers

These pics were from one of our weekly hikes behind our house. Logan's favorite flower is the dead dandelion you can blow.

This was from a walk in Spain.

Lukas helping me plant flowers at home.

- C

Location:Frumsen, Switzerland

Monday, May 28, 2012

Lukas and his Friends

Bowling with Clement.

Indoor play place with Nico.

Some school buddies.

Hayes, Pietro, Lukas and Clement at Egeton.

Slumber party night.

Digging for dinosaur bones.

Lunch with Rino and Logan.


And his best friend of all - Logan.

- C


Trip to Portland

Our yearly trip to Portland was fabulous as always. It is always filled with lots of friends, playtime, fun outings and of course- tons of shopping! We stayed with our best friends the Washburn's. Five kids in one house! So busy, but we all survived and had so much fun.
Playing laser guns with Emma. Lukas and Emma are four days apart and used to be neighbors. They are buddies.

Jack and Lukas at Hop Works for dinner. 16 adults and 12 kids came, it was a riot.

Lukas and Emma as super heros in their capes.

Watching the sea lion at the zoo.

Hanging with the elephants.

Silly times with the busted ball.

Emma and her new baby brother Eli.

All the little monsters- Evelyn, Logan, Lukas, Ben and Emma.

Our Godson Eli, what a sweet little boy.

Attempting to eat dinner with chopsticks.

Logan's first hair cut at the salon.

Logan and Zelda.

YouTube Video

We sure do miss this city and all the great people that live there!
- C

Location:Portland, Oregon

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Visit from Friends

Erik's college friend Jake and his girlfriend Bethany traveled from San Francisco this March to come visit us. We had a few days to pack in some Swiss adventures. Had a blast.
They brought us mac and cheese and beef jerky.

Bethany brought an ABC animal book for the boys. They loved reading it with her.

Hike up to Wartau to grill sausages and see the ruins.

Beer and sausages.

On the way up to the ruins.

Jake and Bethany with the boys inside the ruins.

Filling up a jug with fresh milk at the farm down the street.

Yummy oatmeal maple scones I made for St. Paddy's day.

- C

Jamo date with Lukas

A couple months ago Lukas and I got to go out by ourselves to book night at his school. We dressed in our jamos and off to school we went.
New Bug Book for the occasion.

Watching a book on the projector.

School bud.

Hot chocolate break.

Logan and Dad at home reading their own touchy book.

- C

Location:Buchs, Switzerland