Saturday, January 4, 2014


Took a weekend trip to Omaha at the end of September. The kids got a family history lesson from me as well as a fun mini vacation. 
First stop was the Children's Museum. It was awesome. Highly recommend a visit here if you travel to Omaha. The kids loved it all.

Another stop was the zoo. I have not been to the San Diego Zoo since I was little but I think this one was comparable. 

Watching the penguins.

Logan had a butterfly on his shoulder.

Lily was so curious. 

My Granny and Granddaddy have gone to heaven. I last saw my Granny over six years ago and it has almost been three since I have seen Fred. I think they both lived wonderful lives, they always had fun and great spirits. They met at an ice skating rink in Omaha. My Granny was a skater and my Granddad played hockey. I think it is so sweet my Granddad used to stay after practice to watch my Granny skate.  My memories of them are always fresh on my mind. I still had a little bit of both of there ashes. The rest were spread in various memorable places to them, but none had been together. I thought it would be special for them to be back where they meet. Below is a panorama of where the ice rink once stood. It was torn down a few years back, but now there is a beautiful park.
I felt such joy.
I also made a couple family history stops while we were in Omaha. Below is a picture of my Nunu and Papa's house where Granny grew up. I remember sleeping in the attic, when I was five, with my Granny and eating toast in the kitchen. The next picture is of their grave, how sweet "together forever."

Also stopped by to see my Great Aunt Joanne. My Granny's brother has been gone for many years, but Joanne still lives in the same house. We had a nice visit. I had not seen her in eleven years.
We had a water park at our hotel.
Took some great pictures on the last day walking around Old Market.