Friday, June 29, 2012

Random Pics

Playing at the bird park.

Their favorite spot for watching the tube. Not sure how they will both fit in a few years.

It is not Spain, but it is still fun.

Goggles, bubbles and laser guns, oh yeah.

Being silly.

Chocolate ice cream.

Road block on my morning run.

Banana popsicles.

Lukas' show and tell- two toads. I thought his teacher might not enjoy them but the whole class loved it. They took them down to the stream to let them go.

Bed head.

"Vroom, Mommy I fast!"

Lasagna night.

YouTube Video

Lukas and his friends at the international dinner.

Logan singing along with the band.

What a sweet face.

Logan's girlfriend Shannon.

Huge broccolis from our garden.

Got this quote from a girlfriend on Facebook. I just love it.

- C

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Majorca, Spain

Ever since we moved to Switzerland everyone talks about vacationing in Majorca, Spain. A little island south of Barcelona. I had wanted to plan a Mediterranean cruise for our family vacation this year, but found out being as pregnant as I would be they wouldn't allow me. So we decided on Majorca. We planned it completely for relaxation and family time, our first trip without sight seeing. I have to admit it was hard not planning a daily adventure itinerary. But honestly, our vacation could not have been more  perfect for all of us. 

We spent everyday at the pool and beach. The fitness center and activities were great.  They had a fun kids club day and night that Lukas and Logan enjoyed, while Erik and I got to play tennis, go on a bike ride, enjoy the spa and have a date night. 

 View from our hotel. The water was so blue and crystal clear.

 A little cove by our room.

Our hotel was situated on the edge of a small fishing village.

 Date night without the kids.

 Morning yoga.

 Out for a bike ride.

 Erik got a Spanish cut.


 Dinner time. It was so beautiful eating outside.

 Catching "pishies."

 Swimming in the ocean.

 Family pic.

 Our fishy castle.


 Tubby time. Since we don't have a bathtub in our house, they were in heaven.

Dinner on the water in the town of Porto Petro.

Delicious seafood paella.

We rented a small boat and went exploring. The water was beautiful.

Cool rocks and caves along the shore.

Looking for fishies.

Lukas at the wheel.

Off to the pool.

There were pools situated throughout the resort so we had lots of swim time.

Watch out Dad.

 Reading books before bedtime.

Kids Club.

Breakfast time.

Had to try every dessert. Although my favorite was sorbet with gummies.

 Lukas and Isabella finding ladybugs.


BBQ night.

Wrestling with Dad.

Our last morning. 

What an amazing trip!

Location:Puravida Resort Blau Porto Petro