Monday, June 30, 2014

May and June

May and June were filled with last days of school, first days at the pool, baseball and soccer, silly faces and so much more! Summer has begun.

SHow and tell at PCOS. Logan brought his Swiss flag to tell everyone where he was born.
Helping Mommy plant flowers.
Fishing in the neighborhood pond. 

Lukas on the TRX bands.
Sweet Lily Bones. Can't get enough of her cuteness.
Slippin and a slidin.
Puppet show at Tomahawk.
Croquet with Dad.
Logans class.
Lily and her goggles.
Sonic slushes, can't believe I lived without Sonic drinks for 3 years!
Ice cream with friends.
Lilys end of school picnic.

Logan and his best school buds.

Going through the rock collection.
Spiderman at the park.
Fishing at the farm.
Logan was a walrus at the park.
Pool is open!

Playing in the fountain at the market.
Field day with is best bud.
Antioch Park.

Lily thought it was so funny that the floating things in the water behind her were called lily pads.

Showing little sis how to play ball.

Planting his sunflowers. Unfortunately the bunnies ate all but three.
Lunch date with Mom.
Hanging out with her kitty.
Dodgeball trampolines.
Working on his baseball card collection.
Ice cream.
Late night hunting lightening bugs.
Cinetopia with my love.
Summer camp buds.
Riding ducks at the farm.
Dining room redo.
Outdoor dinner.
My new handy man.
Last day of Outdoor Education Lab.

Nothing like snuggling with a  blanket on the couch.
Quick stop at the park.
A few pics from Logan's class. 

Our turtle.
Lily was so curious .
Date night at "Stems" with my Honey.

Somebody is hiding.
Love the outdoors.