Tuesday, March 26, 2013

February at Random

Logan started school the first week of February. I was a little hesitant with how the first day might go, as our Swiss school experience was terrifying. This little boy was so happy. He has never looked back, he loves everything about school.  Super excited about his bumbee lunch bag, it is also his most favortie transformer.

Bed time book with the all kiddos.

Swim lessons. Logan has almost caught up with Lukas. He has no fear of the water, or anything.

Lukas doing the freestyle. Close to swimming the length of the pool.

Indoor bounce house. Logan won the race with Dad.

Long day of school.

Waldo? Spiderman? Ninja? Love his quirky ways.

Out for a walk.

Silly boys.

Riley is home!!!  All of us could not be more happy.

Enjoying a nice sunny day.

Making a fort.

Helping Mom cook.

Received a Valentine from his best friend, Shannon, in Switzerland.

Got stickered.

My "forever flower." Erik brought home a pretty, silk peonie. His way of thanking me everyday for all the things I do. What a thoughtful husband I have.

Not the best picture, But it cracks me up how much Logan loves eggs for breakfast and Lukas can't even stand them on his plate. It reminds me of my sister and I trading and gagging on the eggs we were forced to eat as children :) What is it with eggs???

Lily loving on all the animals. We put Petey's food next to her so she could sneak in a few good pets.

Making Mayner (Mater).

The boys enjoy playing with Lily...and her toys.

Watching the Superbowl. Thought the second pic was too cute, they are not posing for the camera.

Story time at the Library

This girl gets so excited for Mum-mums and pretzel sticks.

Who's that baby?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Rest of January

Not enough of these pictures. Cheers to you My Love, I am so thankful for you everyday.
My three amigos. I smell trouble in their future :)
All he every wants is a few pets, lots of food and some peace and quiet. He picked the wrong house for the latter.
Our first family exploration of Kansas City. Headed down to the Crown Center.

We have built another rocket. 
The art and craft place was closed. Maybe next time.
Chocolates from a chocolate factory. I wonder what the Swiss would say.
Lukas and I had an ice skating adventure. Went from extreme excitement to terrified the moment he stepped on the ice.

My Gym, the kids love this place.
Snow day.