Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Music Time

Santa brought Lukas a guitar and Logan drums. They love their instruments. Lukas has a great imagination for singing. Here are some clips.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Lukas and his friend Clement.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Erik and I get a kick out of their entertainment.
- C

Location:Frumsen, Switzerland

Logan at the Park

Rain, snow, cold or hot, this kid loves the outdoors. When you say the words "Do you want to play outside?" his face lights up with so much excitement. Since our eye appointment didn't work out last week we went to the park. It was a perfect sunny day. We pulled up and all he said was "Get out! Get out!" So much fun we didn't want to leave.

Head first is his preferred way to slide.

Looking forward to Spring.
- C

Location:Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Big Snow Storm of the Year

This was the beginning of a three foot snow storm that accumulated in two days the week before Christmas. There is still reminance of this snow at our house a month later.

 Beautiful view of the sun shinning on the mountains behind our house.

 Almost two feet.

 Me and Mom.

 Mom and I playing in the snow by the vineyards behind our house.

 This is Peetey. We watched him for a few weeks over Christmas while his family visited the USA. He loved every second of the snow. It was so deep he had to hop.

 Got out my skis and went for a couple runs in the backyard.

 Second day of shoveling, almost three feet.

 Logan was ready to hit the slopes since Lukas could not.

 Erik and I skiing up at Wildhaus. It was a bit of a blizzard.

 Frosty. Biggest snowman ever in my backyard and as you can see there was plenty more snow to keep building more.

 I thought it was so pretty how the melting snow made these little paths down the mountain through the snow. The snow looked like this everywhere.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Skiing accident

We had a few feet of snow before Christmas so we thought it would be fun for Lukas to try out his new skis. Unfortunately he crashed and fractured his shin bone. What a bummer with all of this fun snow to play in. He has been a trooper and maneuvering around quite well.

First cast.

Second cast and his mode of transportation because he was not allowed to walk on it.

Singing the no walking blues.

3rd cast, for walking.

All of his buddies at school got to sign it. He is so proud of it. Just a few more days then he gets it off. Yipee!

- C

Trip to Davos

We had never been to Davos since we moved here. It is only an hour away so we finally went and checked it out. Davos is a well known ski resort and the site for the annual World Economic Forum, it also known for holding hockey and ice skating events. It has the highest (elevation) brewery in the world. There wasn't too much snow, but we were able to take a chair lift up to find some. It was a beautiful day.

Hut we stopped at to enjoy some gluhwein.

Watching a hockey practice with Dad.
Coach gave Lukas a hockey puck.
The ride down on the lift.
Inside the ski hut was super cute.

Snowball fight.

Logan's first ride on a lift.

 We had tons of fun. Glad we went. Maybe next time we can go skiing.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Erik and I finally got to hike up the mountain behind our house. We have been up there a couple times before, but only on the Gondola. The top of the Staubern reaches 1751 meters. It took us two hours to get to the top. We ran into our landlord on the way. He told us that he was one who helped build the trail to the top and said it took 16 years. Great hike, steep at times and the weather was gorgeous once we got above the clouds.

Barns along the way. This is where the cows come live for the summer. They also walk along the trail. There are no roads to these barns therefore necessities that can't be carried are delivered via helicopter.

The Rhein Valley

These pieces of would are positioned to avoid avalanche.
We live down under these clouds.

View along the ridge.
There is a house on top that serves food and has rooms to stay in.
The stick I found on the way.

We rode the Gondola back down.