Thursday, July 26, 2012

Loving the Fresh Veg

Swiss chard.

The big cauliflower took three nights to eat. Couldn't believe how big an beautiful they were.

After three days of rain and cold we found all of this!

- C

Location:Frumsen, Switzerland

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


A few of the parks we have been visiting this summer. 


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lukas' Last Week of Preschool

Time flew by, Lukas has finished his first year of preschool. What a fun year he had. He made many new friends, learned new songs and to write his name, swing by himself... He just loved every second he was at school. I hope this continues throughout his life :)

Logan got to join the circle on the last day.

 End of the school year treats.

His teachers Mrs. Holmstrom and Mrs. Beck reading the books the children made for them. Lukas' most favorite thing about Mrs. Holmstrom is when she sings "Down By The Bay." His most favorite thing about Mrs. Beck is when she would help him swing.

Singing "Down By The Bay," unfortunately I pushed stop right when she asked Lukas to rhyme.

Lukas playing the dog game.

Every Wednesday the preschool class hiked up to a spot called Eggeton. It is about a 40 minute hike up the mountain behind their school. Rain or shine, Lukas always enjoyed. He has very much improved on his hiking skills because of their hikes. On their last week of school the parents were able to come along. We hiked, played and grilled sausages. Logan enjoyed spending the morning with Lukas and his friends. 

Logan in the "pack-pack."

Dad made a surprise visit.

Preschool and kindergarten together.

After the last day of school we went and got an ice cream treat.

He is already looking forward to next year, four more weeks to go!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Crystal Caves

Last month we hiked up to the crystal caves just north of our village, Kobelwald. It was a small cave filled with large and small crystals, but very interesting.

We had a picnic before going in the cave.
Put on our hard hats. The ceiling of the cave is so low. It was also very cold inside.

Lukas and Clement. 
The only plant living inside. It grew right next to the light.

Berner Oberland - Day Three

On our last day we went hiking on the Muggestutz trail. Muggestutz is a childrens story about little dwarfs in Meiringen. All along the trail there are play stations referencing the story.  It took us about two and half hours to hike but we got to play and have lunch along the way.                              

We had to take a gondola and a cable car to get to the trail.

Logan getting a drink from the spring.

The view of the Jungfrau.

When we started it as a little foggy but cleared up quick. 

Love it when the boys pick me flowers.

Lunch time. 

Logan trying to join the cows.

More rocks.

Inside the dwarfs house.

If only Lukas did this at home.

A small house that made and sold cheese.

Nothing was in the nest.

Inside the cave.

Lukas and Logan in maze, the last station.

What a fun day and trip! We headed home after the hike. So proud of Lukas for hiking over 3 miles.